Squirrel Solutions Ltd


Over the past two decades we've managed IT systems for everything from a one-person microbusiness right up to a multi-site organisation with hundreds of users, and everything in between.

Whatever your IT requirements, Squirrel Solutions Ltd has it covered.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't use a pre-packaged "off-the-shelf" solution. We'll work with you to find the right solution to meet your requirements. For example, we won't push you into buying an expensive Microsoft server system by default when a unix-based platform will be half the price and may perform far better. We'll simply sell you the best package for the job in hand. (Of course, we can supply you with a Windows server solution if that's what your business requires.)

We don't follow "fads" in the IT business. We just provide a system that works. And works well.

But don't take our word for it. Hear what some of our customers say:

“I run a large building firm in London. Our IT system was a complete mess, it had grown out of control. Although we had a network it was peer to peer only. We could only access emails on one computer. We'd originally used Squirrel Solutions Ltd to build and maintain our web site, but when they offered to give our IT system an audit we accepted. They installed a server, sorted out all the networking, and did things properly. Not only that but they've set up access for our satellite offices and site offices, so everything is integrated. And they're always at the end of the phone. On the rare occasions that problems do crop up, Squirrel Solutions Ltd can normally resolve them remotely within minutes.”
“Myself and a colleague branched out on our own and started our own financial advisory service. We'd heard of Squirrel Solutions Ltd so decided to use them to provide our IT systems. Initially they supplied us with a server and four PCs. Our company has now grown to 25 employees. Squirrel Solutions Ltd have been with us throughout this growth and have ensured that our IT infrastructure has remained stable throughout. I'd recommend them to anyone.”
“We'd had about four IT companies come in to look at our systems. I run a franchise for a well-known fast food outlet. Employees were messing around on the back office PC and watching YouTube videos instead of working, and installing software that would cause the PC to crash, which would in turn take down the tills. We got Squirrel Solutions Ltd in on the recommendations of a family member who'd used them previously. Not only did they solve this problem, they also sorted out the long-standing problems with email, and provided us with a reliable back-office system. Absolutely delighted.”

To find out how we can help you and your business, please contact us.