Squirrel Solutions Ltd
About us

About us

Established since the late 1980s, we originally traded under the name RMI Electronics. We changed our name to Squirrel Solutions in early 1996 after shifting away from the custom electronics market and into software development for Acorn RISC OS computers, as it was felt the new name more accurately reflected our image.

Following the demise of Acorn in 1998 we stayed with the RISC OS market for another 6 years, finally calling it a day in 2004. We also branched out into Unix development, and our primary focus then became cross-platform compatibility, integrating all popular computing platforms (Windows, Mac, Acorn and Unix) into one network.

After a restructuring of the company in early 2006, we focussed on the SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) business customer, supplying a one-stop solution for servers, IT and network infrastructure and desktop PCs. Also in 2006 we became a Limited Company.

Today, Squirrel Solutions Ltd specialises in providing bespoke tailored IT infrastructure for SMEs nationally, as well as providing high-performance fast loading web sites for our existing customers, which include tight integration with any back office systems.