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Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft have today launched the latest version of the Office productivity suite, Office 2019. This replaces the previous version, Office 2016.

All PCs and laptops ordered from Squirrel Solutions Ltd will now be supplied with Windows 10 Pro and Office 2019 Professional.

The Professional edition of Office 2019 includes the following applications:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook (but see note below)
  • Publisher
  • Access

Note: Although Outlook is included with Office, we do not recommend using it if you are a user of one of our unix servers. Outlook is only recommended if you have a Windows server with Microsoft Exchange, or are using hosted Exchange.

Please note that OneNote is not included with Office 2019 as it is bundled with Windows 10 as standard.

Office 2019 is fully compatible with earlier versions so there is no need to upgrade at this time if you are still using Office 2016, however if you wish to do so then please contact us for advice.