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EasyWebz launches

EasyWebz launches

EasyWebz launches

Squirrel Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce that after an extended period of development and testing, our EasyWebz hosting platform is now ready for launch.

The EasyWebz platform was designed from the ground up to be fast and secure. Great care has been taken to ensure that any web sites built using the platform are standards-compliant and accessible, as well as fast loading.

The platform provides all the core framework that is required to create a comprehensive web site, including content management (with a visual editor), news archive and full access control with delegation, allowing individual employees within your business to be given ownership of individual pages.

Unfortunately the forum and e-commerce extension modules are not yet ready as these have required more extensive development, but the blog module is fully functional. We hope to have the two remaining extension modules available in the new year, once testing is complete.

All non-ecommerce sites hosted by Squirrel Solutions Ltd have now been migrated across to the new platform.

More information: www.easywebz.co.uk