Squirrel Solutions Ltd
Announcing EasyWebz

Announcing EasyWebz

Announcing EasyWebz

Squirrel Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce the initial testing and evaluation launch of EasyWebz, a brand new web hosting platform.

The new platform allows rapid development of web sites, web applications and associated functionality. Featuring a full Content Management System with visual editing along with granular access control, it allows our customers to create and update their own sites with no technical knowledge, and to allow individual employees to manage specific pages of a site.

The platform is based around a modular plug-in architecture, thereby allowing its functionality to be easily expanded. The system will also allow custom user functions to be written for bespoke applications.

At launch we are anticipating three available extension modules, which will provide blog, forum and e-commerce functionality.

Currently the system is in an extended test phase as it is classed as a "mission critical" application. As soon as we are satisfied of its stability, a further announcement will be made.

For more information see www.easywebz.co.uk.