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Cloud backup service

Cloud backup service

Cloud backup service

Following extensive testing, Squirrel Solutions Ltd is pleased to announce that we can now offer an automated cloud backup system to users of our unix servers.

Forget having to change the backup tape every morning. Our new cloud-based system runs completely automatically overnight. All changes to your data are mirrored across to our multi-terabyte backup server, which is located at a secure cloud hosting facility.

The backup software runs completely automated. No user intervention is required. It will simply back up the day's data in the early hours of the morning.

The system also runs incremental backups, meaning that you can roll back changes on a day-by-day basis. The backup software keeps previous versions of your precious files going back for 12 months. Or if needed, the system can be configured to keep this data for longer. For example, your accounting and financial data can be retained for 7 years, as required by law.

Pricing for this service will depend on how much data storage is required. A typical site will use around 100GB of storage, which will be billed at £35/month. More storage capacity can be purchased if required.

We won't hit you with a big bill either if you stray over your storage limit. We'll simply ask you to delete some historical data from the backup.

Please note that for technical reasons this service is only available to customers with one of our unix servers, however all files from Windows workstations will be backed up provided they are saved to the server.