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Smartplan IT rental

Smartplan IT rental

For most companies the IT systems are the most expensive outlay, and ongoing maintenance and support can be an additional expense.  For a fixed monthly cost we can provide you with all your IT hardware on an ongoing rental basis, including on-site support and maintenance.

Costs are calculated on a per-machine basis with discounts available if you require several PCs.

All quotations are calculated to individual requirements, but typically the rental for a PC system would be £10 per week (billed weekly or monthly, it's up to you), with a minimum term of 24 months.

PC systems

If you don't want to commit to 24 months you can pay a deposit of £100 and shorten the minimum term to 12 months.

  • No up-front cost on a 24-month contract - pay the first month's rental when the system is delivered, then pay weekly or monthly by standing order
  • Upgrade at any time after 2 years (fees may be applicable)
  • On-site warranty for the duration of your rental

When the 2 year point is reached (or 12 months if a deposit was paid), you have 4 options:

  1. Do nothing and continue the rental. Once the minimum term ends you may end the agreement by giving 30 days notice.
  2. End the contract and return the computer. There is nothing further to pay.
  3. Pay a £100 upgrade fee and get a brand new PC.
  4. Continue renting for a further 12 months and get a FREE upgrade to a brand new PC.

(Please note that if you take advantage of the upgrade options minimum contract terms will apply. The terms will be those in force at the time the upgrade option is taken.)


We can also offer SmartPlan on servers. However, as your server stores all your business data, we would normally recommend that you purchase your server outright. We can offer monthly payment terms on lease-purchase for servers.

Please contact us for a tailored quote if you would like to take up any of these options.