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25 January 2015
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Welcome to Squirrel Solutions

Providing software and hardware solutions for all your IT requirements.

New SmartPlan IT rental

Starting at only £50/month (installation & setup fees apply), we can now supply all your IT hardware on a rental basis with full inclusive on-site warranty and maintenance. Find out more...

Call us now on (01453) 845735

Squirrel Solutions offers the widest range of solutions for Internet-enabling your business. From our flagship one-stop broadband solution to simple web hosting, we have a product to suit your needs. We offer a full web design service under our Squirrel Internet brand.

Bombay Calling? - A look at the unfortunate effects of the current trend of outsourcing call centres to India
Flexible Broadband Services

Squirrel Solutions is an authorised Solwise reseller

Windows Vista

After a careful and thorough evaluation, Squirrel Solutions has decided not to offer Windows Vista as an option on its PC systems for the time being.

Currently there are too many compatibility issues with Windows Vista, both applications and hardware fail to function as expected and other problems have been experienced during testing.

Please be assured we will continue to monitor the situation and hope to offer 64-bit Vista PCs soon, once all the initial problems with the new operating system are resolved.

For now Squirrel Solutions will continue to supply and support PCs with Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2.

Broadband solutions   We are pleased to announce a new integrated broadband hardware package for small to medium sized businesses. Let us take the strain out of broadband enabling your business.   More...

Build-to-order PCs   Any spec, any price. Let us know your requirements and we'll let you know the price. Alternatively, let us know your budget and we'll build a machine up to a price for you.   More...

Latest news
Farewell Acorn   With some regret we are discontinuing sales and support for our ranges of Acorn/RISC OS products, with effect from Monday 11th May.   More...
Network fax solutions   For users of our range of Unix servers, we are pleased to be able to offer an integrated Network Fax solution. Based around the proven Hylafax software, the system will provide site-wide access to a facsimile server.   More...
Opteron servers now available   Following our recent announcement, we are pleased to introduce a new range of servers based on AMD's 64-bit Opteron processor, starting at £1495.   More...
Squirrel Solutions joins Informatica Group   Squirrel Solutions, the leading cross-platform IT consultants, have recently joined the Informatica Group.   More...
Budget co-location   We will shortly be launching a budget co-location service for low bandwidth applications. Details are still being finalised, but we anticipate a monthly fee of around £5.   More...

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